Labrador Recycling was founded in 2013 and has quickly grown to be one of the premiere scrap aluminum brokers in the United States, trading over 70 million LBs of aluminum per year.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner to Scrap Dealers, Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), Industrial Manufactures, Rolling Mills and Extruders by offering product expertise, logistics excellence, price risk management programs and strong financial support.

Some of the grades of metal we specialize in include Used Beverage Cans (UBCs), Painted Siding, Mixed Low Copper Clips (MLCs), Extrusions (bare, painted, irony and thermal), Aluminum Foil, Turnings, Rims, Radiators and many more.

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Fabio Folino

Vice President Sales & Marketing


413-276-4017 FAX

Wes Foster



Adela Puzzuoli

Accounts Payable

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There can be a lot in a name – ours has been adopted from one of man’s best friends, and one of ours.  The Labrador retriever is loyal, reliable, strong, intelligent, friendly – and of course, retrieves like no other.  We admire, promote and share these same traits.  We apply them across all levels of our business every day with our customers, employees and trade partners.  And yes, we too retrieve extremely well – recyclables – with a happy, grateful attitude every day.  Just like our friend, the Labrador.


Introducing Boone, born June 18, 2014 and adopted on September 9, 2014

boone 1