Labrador Recycling provides full service scrap metal management programs for industrial manufacturing customers throughout North America.  Specializing in working with multi-location operations, Labrador Recycling creates system-wide efficiencies for its clients with its turnkey solutions. Our programs can also incorporate the oversight & management of other recyclable streams, including:  paper, corrugated, plastic, wood and refuse – as well as “zero landfill” solutions.  You strive to optimize your product cycle, let us strive to maximize your scrap program.

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Single Point of Contact - we provide timely service, reporting, payment & support.

Eliminate Upper and Mid Management Oversight Expense At Each Location - we’ve got you covered.  We comprehensively review your existing program and then propose & implement best practices and procedures with your in plant personnel to streamline your program to operate at the highest safety, environmental and economic level possible.  We handle everything from the proper design for collection, containerization, ergonomic handling & appropriate on-site segregation of your metal streams.

Improved Revenue -  Our history dates back to 1891 & our affiliates are large processors of aerospace, non-ferrous & ferrous metals. We provide you with access to global markets in order to offer you the most competitive prices for your scrap, in all market cycles.

Timely Reports & Transparency - we understand the importance of receiving accurate, timely and trustworthy weights & grading.

Data & Reports - We provide both executive and detailed historical shipment reports as routinely as you require them.  We will also provide you with exclusive access to Labrador’s Market Reports which will keep you updated on the latest pricing and market trends for commodities globally.

Prompt Payment - we pay on time and within terms.

Environmental & Aesthetics - Environmental issues are critical to every metalworking manufacturer. In designing recycling programs for metal manufacturing facilities, we adhere to stringent environmental standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Careful planning and ongoing monitoring are essential to protecting the environment, we provide the appropriate sized, cleanest and best maintained containers in the industry.  We promote aesthetics and maintaining the highest level of safety and cleanliness in the work environment.

Training & Feedback - We will provide you with recommendations on how to best handle and segregate your scrap for optimal returns; and will reevaluate your program on an on-going basis to ensure that you continually capture the highest returns on your materials.

Introducing Boone, born June 18, 2014 and adopted on September 9, 2014

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There can be a lot in a name – ours has been adopted from one of man’s best friends, and one of ours.  The Labrador retriever is loyal, reliable, strong, intelligent, friendly – and of course, retrieves like no other.  We admire, promote and share these same traits.  We apply them across all levels of our business every day with our customers, employees and trade partners.  And yes, we too retrieve extremely well – recyclables – with a happy, grateful attitude every day.  Just like our friend, the Labrador.