The variability of your scrap stream and the complex valuations behind it can be overwhelming for businesses with multiple locations. No two loads of scrap are the same.  A good contract is just the beginning.  Ensuring accurate grading and fair settlements is vital to maximize your scrap programs return.

Commodity prices fluctuate day to day, month to month.  Our strength comes in knowing the market and being nimble enough to react to it.  With a long history of executing trade and counter-trade all over the continent, we have the unique ability to leverage our prominence in the market to achieve greater returns for our customers.

Each location may have site specific challenges or geographical challenges that require the due diligence of an expert and the systems built to handle them. The difference is in the detail and with multiple locations, the details add up quickly to significant opportunities. For regional, national, or international organizations that have multiple scrap dealers (or multiple divisions of large scrap dealers) and hundreds or thousands of shipments, it’s impossible to manage effectively without the combination of advanced systems, in depth knowledge and rapid response service. Labrador Recycling helps many industries save its own resources on waste management services and recycling by letting us do the work for them.